Take Away Menu

takeaway indian menu


Masalla Barbecued Prawns £5.95
Plump fresh water prawns marinated in a citric blend of lemon juice, ajwan and green cardamom. Grilled in the tandoor.

Jhinga Til Tinka £5.50
Served with mango salsa, king prawns marinated with fresh aromatic spices, dipped in a butter made from eggs, green chillies, ginger, garlic and cardamom, then cooked with bread crumbs and sesame seeds.

Murg Muglai Tikka £3.50
Tandoori chunks of chicken breast in a mango and coconut marinate.

Lamb Jhanker £3.50
Marinated scallops of lamb stuffed with pickled mango, rolled on rice noodles and cooked in the tandoor for a unique taste. Our chef’s signature dish.

Tandoori Seared Salmon £5.50
Salmon marinade with garlic, fresh paprika with dill, cooked over charcoal.

Tandoori Smoked Duck £3.95
Home smoked breast of duck, served with a unique salad of red cabbage, apple and orange chutney.

Lamb Sheek £3.50
Minced baby lamb rolls coated with fresh herbs and coloured peppers. The most exquisitely flavoured of all kebabs.

Spiced Potatoes & Garlic Mushrooms £3.50
Soft and fluffy spiced potato balls with sautéed mushrooms and garlic batter.

Fish Pakoras £5.50
Small chunks of fish, delicately spice and dipped in our home made batter fried, A very light mouth-watering appetiser.

Alishan Barbecue Feast £12.95 (for 2 persons)
A sizzling plate of masalla king prawns char grilled, salmon tikka, mali tikka, lamb sheek kebab.

Vegetarian Option: for one person £4.95
A combination of vegetarian favourites.

Murgh Ka Shaslick £3.50
Breast of chicken tikka grilled with peppers, tomatoes. and onions marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon juice and freshly ground spice. Skewered in a tandoor to bring out a bursting, mouth-watering fragrance.

Aloo Chana Misal £3.50
Spicy stuffed potato cakes pan fried, served on a bed of spicy fried chickpeas with tamarind chutney and cumin raita.

Malai Spinach Kebab £3.25
An interesting kebab of paneer, spinach and lentils with a special Alishan treatment.

Prawn & Crab Samosa £3.25
The ever popular samosa given the Alishan treatment, this time with a twist of prawns and crab.

Onion Bhaji £2.25
World famous snack of crisp, spicy onions, deep fried in a coating of gram flour batter, until golden brown.



Spiced Monkfish in Tomato & Coconut Spice £12.95
Marinated with crushed roasted spices, pan fried and served with coconut and tomato sauce.

Grilled Seabass £12.95
Fillet of sea bass marinated with roasted pickling spices, cooked on a grill, served with spicy potato and raw mango sauce.

Jinga Zaffrani £12.95
Jumbo king prawns marinated with pickled spices, cooked in the tandoor and served with spicy mashed aubergine, a Karahi Bhindi and hot tamarind sauce.

Chicken Chettinad £7.95
Devilled chicken is a dish from the South of India a region famous for first exporting black peppercorns to the rest of the world. Most popular dish in the Chettinad homes of madras.

Lamb Palak £7.95
Tender loin of lamb cooked with fresh spinach, mint, fenugreek leaves, warm spices and yoghurt.

Cream & Basil Chicken £7.95
Chicken cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, hot spices, basil, yoghurt and finished off with cream.

Braised Lamb with Yoghurt £7.95
Loin of lamb cooked in home-made masalla, methi, coriander, cumin, garlic, fresh lemon juice, chickpeas flour and finished with yoghurt. Cooked over a slow flame. Our chef’s signature dish.

Railway Lamb £11.95
Lamb and baby potatoes cooked with coconut, curry leaves and fresh herbs & served with spinach. An Anglo-Indian speciality, developed when the British were laying railway tracks in India.

Tikhey Jinghey £12.95
Succulent king prawns marinated grilled, and immersed in a heady sauce of pickling cooked in mustard oil.

Dumgosht £7.95
Lamb off the bone cooked in handi oven over a slow fire with yoghurt, sun-dried red chillies rich spices and fresh herbs. A very spicy dish.

Sundori Masala £7.95
Created by our Chef. Tikka of chicken grilled in tandoor, braised in our chefs own spices. This dish is with full bodied spices that have been roasted and crushed, bursting with aromatic flavours.

Alishan Special £7.95
Tikka of chicken with a hint of whiskey cooked with peppers, sun-dried red chillies and red onions. Exquisitely flavoured with rich spices, producing a mouth-watering dish.



Chicken or Lamb £6.95

King Prawns £12.95

Murgh Bemisal
A unique dish of smooth spicy tikka of chicken where the smoothness of the buttery tomato sauce is followed by the spicy flavour of brown onions. A smooth silky dish bursting with aroma.

Dhaba Murgh
An exclusive dish from Punjab. Chicken breast in a spicy massala of garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes and capsicum with a light coating of crushed coriander.

Bite size pieces of chicken prepared in a subtle sauce of tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves and fenugreek, then garnished with spring onions and a sprig of fresh ginger.

Kalimirch Aur Methiwalla Murgh
Succulent tikkas of chicken grilled in the tandoor and then braised in a spicy fenugreek masalla.

Koh E Avadh
A Mughali cuisine, specialty of cubed lamb in a velvety sauce combining ginger, onion, green cardamom and mace in kewda water. Rich in taste and tradition.

A special recipe from Jaipur. A semi-dry dish prepared from tender pieces of meat, cooked with ground onions, green peppers, mushrooms and fresh herbs and Indian spices.

South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken
Barbecued pieces of chicken cooked in a fresh garlic and chilli sauce, with coriander and crisp red chilli.

King Prawn Achari
Another Hyderabadi delicacy of selected king prawns sautéed in a sauce of pickled spices. Traditionally prepared for the kings.

Rogan Josh
The dish acquired its name from the rich appearance, which in turn is derived from fresh tomatoes, paprika and ground red chilli.

Sabzi Gosht
A Hyderabadi delicacy of mutton cooked with rich paste of spinach, green chilli, coriander and mint.

Chicken Korma
Pieces of chicken/lamb braised in a creamy yoghurt sauce enriched with mild coconut and redolent with cardamom. A very smooth and rich dish that is full of flavour and aroma.

Pista Passanda
A satin smooth mild dish made with fresh cream and brown pistachio nuts.

Chicken Tikka Masalla
Invented by a world famous but unknown British curry house chef in the early seventies as a way of exploiting his already popular chicken tikka. We present our own exclusive recipe of succulent tikka in a smooth masalla.

This is a hot dish prepared with fresh ginger, garlic, green chilli, red and green peppers and fresh coriander.

This is a method of cooking meat in a hot and spicy sauce with yellow lentils.

A Parsi speciality. This dish is prepared by gently cooking the meat or fish in hot spicy, sweet and sour sauce.

These dishes are prepared in an iron wok and smeared with chopped tomato, capsicum, shredded ginger and a special blend of mild herbs.

Nothing to say about Balti. It is a home style preparation to suit your own palette. The craze of the Midlands.



Main Course £5.25

Side Dish £3.25

Baghara baingan
Fried baby aubergines smothered and briskly tossed in a light spicy peanut based sauce.

Bhindi Churmura
Crispy fried, sliced okra tossed in yoghurt with raw mango, spring onion and tomatoes.

Vegetarian Korma
An assortment of vegetables cooked in a korma of South Indian flavour and cooked with coconut milk, garlic and fresh curry leaves.

Dal Maharaja
Black lentils, delicious, thick, creamy and so flavoursome.

Mushroom Mughlai Masala
Stuffed mushroom cooked in onion, garlic, ginger, cardamom and spices finished with butter and cream.

Sag Aloo
Spinach and potato.

Sabji Mandi
Broccoli, potato, cauliflower, paneer and mushrooms in refreshingly spiced yoghurt masalla.

Bhindi Achari
Okra packed with a tangy melange of mango power and fresh spices cooked with caramelised shallots and garnished with pickled ginger.

Malai sag
Creamed spinach tempered with cumin and garlic.

Bombay Potatoes
Baby potatoes cooked with whole cumin seeds, turmeric and tomatoes. Mushroom Bhaji
Assorted mushrooms slow cooked in a tangy and richly spiced creamy sauce.

Gobi Matar
Cauliflower and green peas cooked in a methi flavoured onion and tomato sauce.

Vegetable curry
Flavoured in a spicy basil and coconut flavoured sauce.

Pindi chloe
Chickpeas and potatoes cooked with onion and tomato sauce.

Mali Vegetable Kofta
Balls made from vegetables, fried and simmered in a smooth sauce.



Healthy and earthy tones of our tandoori dishes are achieved by the use of only fresh herbs and spices in the marinade, resulting in the most delicious and succulent kebabs with basmati rice.

Chicken or Lamb T1kka £9.95

Tandoori Chicken £9.95

Tandoori King Prawns £12.95

Tandoori Mix £12.95

Tandoori Salmon £12.95

Shashlick £9.95



Alishan has breathed the aroma and refinement of the Biryanis into some non-meat and meat dishes. Biryani dishes are meals in themselves. Served with a special biryani sauce.

Chicken Biryani £8.95

Meat Biryani £8.95

Vegetable Biryani £6.95

King Prawn Biryani £12.95



Alishan salad £3.50
Prawns tossed in very light spices together with mixed lettuce, red onions, peppers and cherry tomatoes in a special Alishan dressing.

Kachkumber Salad £2.95
Traditional Indian mixed salad with pepper, coriander and lemon dressing.

Chicken Salad £3.50
Grilled tikka together with mixed lettuce, red onions, peppers and cherry tomatoes with a special Alishan dressing.

Raita £2.95
Home-made yoghurt with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and roasted cumin.



Steamed Rice £1.90

Lemon Rice £2.50

Basmati Pilau Rice £2.00
The aromatic basmati rice cooked in a dum, the perfect companion to any meal.

Shai Pilau Rice £2.50
Basmati rice cooked with the pure flavour of saffron replenished with nuts, dried fruit and cream.

Subzi pilau rice £2.50
A combination of fresh vegetables and basmati rice.

Mushroom Pilau £2.50
Basmati rice cooked with fresh mushrooms.

Naan £1.90



Chapati £1.35
A thin bread from wholemeal flour cooked in a tawa.

Roti £1.90
A thick wholemeal bread cooked in the tandoor.

Paratha £1.90
A shallow fried bread on the tawa.

Stuffed Paratha £2.50
As above but stuffed with vegetables and potatoes.

Stuffed Kulcha £2.25
Vegetables and potatoes.

Keema Naan £2.50

Peshwari Naan £2.50
Soft bread stuffed with sultanas, coconut and almonds. A sweet bread.

Garlic and Coriander Naan £2.50
Naan coated with an abundance of garlic and coriander.

Chilli Cheese Naan £2.50
Naan fused with mild cheese and fresh green chillies. The one that has the ooh! in it.

Poppadum’s £0.95
Served with condiments.